Welcome to Josa Young’s Author Website

Welcome to Josa Young’s author website. From 9 July 2018 she has reverted to her maiden name Josa Keyes for all purposes, and forthcoming publications will be published under that name.

Josa Keyes has completed two novels: One Apple Tasted was published in 2009 by Elliot & Thompson.

Sail Upon the Land is available as a paperback through all online bookshops, and on your Kindle.

Sail Upon the Land has received more than 300 positive reviews across Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, blogs and more, and has been long-listed for the Historical Novel Society Indie Award 2016. Read their review.

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‘A sweeping multi-generational tale that will catch your heart.’ SUNDAY TIMES NO 1 BESTSELLER KATIE FFORDE

‘Love love love this book!’ HISTORICAL NOVEL SOCIETY

‘A well-written historical novel that will entertain readers with its sharp, insightful observations.’ KIRKUS REVIEWS

The writing was gritty and real, particularly the parts concerned with birth and motherhood and women’s vulnerabilities at these important times in their lives.’ JANE PEPLER, GOODREADS

‘It is Damson’s journey more than that of any other character that holds the novel together. Her story is full of drama, pain, suffering, steadfastness and ultimately redemption.’ HELEN WALTERS, AMAZON UK

‘As the book travels back and forth in time, Young shows extreme skill that cannot be ignored in how seamlessly past and present connect… I recommend this book to anyone who wants something with real heart and meaning.’ TAHLIA GILLINGS, GOODREADS

‘When I grow older, I hope I have the resilience of Sarah, who is my new literary heroine. Her quiet courage in the face of so much inspires me.’ JOY, GOODREADS

‘Unusually well-written….It succeeds in something unusual, which is making good people interesting.’ AMANDA CRAIG, HALL OF FAME REVIEWER, AMAZON UK

Sail Upon the Land is a novel that unveils the complexities of motherhood and feminine experience, something which is rarely written in such a raw and true way. The level at which the characters are relatable is remarkably deep. Absolute winner.’ IMMOLATER, AMAZON UK

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