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Sail Upon the Land

Josa Young’s second novel Sail Upon the Land is published in December 2014.

Bestselling author Rachel Hore had this to say about her preview read: ‘Josa Young writes with warmth and wisdom about the complexities of motherhood in this captivating tale of four generations of women that sweeps eighty years of English history. Her eye for period detail is masterly and her characters so vivid they dance from the page and into our hearts.’

The paperback edition is available on Amazon now. The Kindle edition launches on Monday 1 December 2014. In selected bookshops soon. On all other platforms in 2015.

Read the first review here

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Cover of Josa Young's One Apple Tasted

One Apple Tasted

For Dora Jerusalem, fresh out of Cambridge with a head full of Victorian novels and romantic dreams, landing a job at Modern Woman magazine seems like amazing luck. But her sheltered background hadn’t prepared her to resist the charms of rich, spoilt kids with nasty habits and nothing to lose. Inevitably she falls in love with art dealer Guy Boleyn, but it isn’t the right time, place or circumstances for either of them.

All the while a long-buried secret lies in wait to booby-trap any attempt at happiness. Kicking off in Eighties London, One Apple Tasted explores the pain of young love, the influence of family on our life choices and the joy of redemption.

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